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  • Bainbridge Elementary School

    416 N. Second Street, Box 305
    Bainbridge, PA 17502
    Phone: (717) 426-4203
    Attendance Hotline: (717) 426-4203, ext. 70987
    Fax: (717) 426-0134


    Please click on a staff member's name to send an e-mail. Teachers are unable to check their e-mail regularly due to classroom responsibilities. If you want to leave a voice mail message for the teacher, please call the school at the number listed above and leave a message using the voice-activated mail system or remain on the line for the school receptionist.

First Name Last Name Position Email
Amanda Adams CUBS
Rebecca Auker Primary (2nd & 3rd grades)
Amanda Baxter Principal
Kara Baxter School Counselor
Stephanie Breneman Health Room Nurse
Lois Carlisle School Nurse
Tiffany Doughty Kindergarten
Jill Flemming CUBS
Allison Gibson Librarian
Crystal Hirst Technology Education
Tammy Jenakovich First Grade
Erin Kuhn Primary (2nd & 3rd grades)
Karen Melvin Primary (2nd & 3rd grades)
Tara Oltmans Secretary
Deidre Peiffer Primary (2nd & 3rd grades)
Jen Pollock Speech/Language Support
Tiffany Relken Kindergarten
Elaine Sernoffsky Physical Education
Kaitlin Smoker Speech/Language Support
Kristyn Stackhouse Instructional Support
Robin Stough Primary (2nd & 3rd grades)
Beth Straw Reading Specialist
Sara Torchia Gifted Education
Missy Tyson Art
Michele Tyson First Grade