Strategic Plan

  • Every student graduates ready to live, learn, and thrive in a global community

    By a unanimous vote, the Elizabethtown Area School District Board of Education adopted a new five-year strategic plan for the district at its July 20, 2010, meeting. The board action successfully brought to a close the efforts of a 37-member strategic planning team that developed the plan. The team was comprised of faculty, support staff, administrators, parents, school board members and community representatives.

    To ensure the plan embraced the diverse voices of the district’s internal and external stakeholders, the strategic planning team held 16 community engagement meetings over a seven month period. Ten of the meetings were conducted in the middle of the process to help the team gain a better understanding of what was important to the district’s faculty, support staff, parents, school directors and community members. The final six meetings were held May and June 2010 to provide stakeholders with one final chance to offer their input before board adoption.

    The strategic plan will serve as the road map for the school district from 2010-2015. It will guide the district’s decision-making in all aspects of operations including educational programming, community engagement, stewardship of taxpayer money and accountability.
    The Pennsylvania Department of Education, through its Chapter 4 regulations on curriculum, requires every school district in the Commonwealth to develop and submit a strategic plan every six years.

    The new goal of the district is – Every student graduates ready to live, learn and thrive in a global community.  It reflects our belief that the district's work is more than graduation rates. It reflects EASD's steadfast belief that we must prepare students to be successful in whatever they choose to do after graduation, which could include attending a two or four year college, enrolling at a technical school, going into military service or entering the workforce.

    The six shared values will guide our work and relationships throughout the district. Providing a consistent framework for our work and our decisions will be six essential building blocks. The seven vital signs of student learning will allow us to monitor student progress toward our goal.  .
    • EASD's 2010-2015 Strategic Plan  (Please open using Adobe Reader for document to render correctly. If opened in preview mode or using another program, graphics may be distorted.)
    • EASD Comprehensive Plan - (The Pennsylvania Department of Education mandates that school districts submit a board-approved district-wide comprehensive plan every three years. The comprehensive plan serves as the blue print for the district as it strives to meet Pennsylvania Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) benchmarks.)
    • School Level Plan for EAHS
    • Strategic Plan Graphic  (one page document)