• The Elizabethtown Area School District invites students, parents, and community members to explore our K-12 curricular offerings. On this page, you will find links to the curriculum guides and summaries used in all sixteen curricular areas taught throughout the district. For more information on the curriculum, instruction, and assessment used throughout the district, please CLICK HERE.

    Please note, from time to time, EASD reviews and updates curriculum for a particular subject area or grade level. When doing so, we note the curriculum is under review on the website. If you wish to see the current curriculum, please contact the building principal of the grade level you wish to review.

    Elementary School Curriculum for students in grades:

    • Kindergarten
    • Grade One
    • Grade Two
    • Grade Three
    • Grade Four
    • Grade Five


    Middle School Curriculum for students in grades:

    • Grade Six
    • Grade Seven
    • Grade Eight


    High School Curriculum for students in grades:

    • Grade Nine
    • Grade Ten
    • Grade Eleven
    • Grade Twelve