Facility Dog Program

  • Why Facility Dogs?
    Facility dogs provide an immediate, tangible option to support students and staff to remove barriers to education. Facility dogs help to create positive physical, mental health, and social benefits.

    Facility dogs provide the following benefits:

    • Provide emotional and physical support
    • Model good behavior, tolerance, acceptance
    • Teach responsibility, including responsible human-animal interaction
    • Provide stress relief and help to relieve anxiety and depression
    • Model and teach kindness and compassion

    Meet Our Canine Partners
    Each of our canine partners and their handlers have undergone intensive training through United Disabilities Services (UDS). Our school facility dogs live with school employees and are family pets outside of their school working hours.

    Murphy Murphy
    Murphy started at ELIZABETHTOWN AREA HIGH SCHOOL at the start of the 2021-2022 school year. On a daily basis, Murphy provides non-judgemental interactions with students and staff. He is always happy to greet everyone and loves to give and receive affection. You can find him lying in the hallway while wagging his tail each morning as students enter the building. He also enjoys stopping into classrooms to make new friends. Murphy is a Labrador Retriever. He has been trained through UDS and spends his evenings with our school counselor Mrs. Robinson and her family. Murphy was able to join the Elizabethtown Area High School family due to the community's generous contributions and support.

    We seek to obtain donations for the following:

    • Veterinary services
    • Dog food
    • Grooming services

    To donate, contact Richard Schwarzman, assistant to the superintendent for support services, at richard_schwarzman@etownschools.org.