Get Involved

  • The PATHWAYS program at Elizabethtown Area School District is designed to prepare students to reach their post-secondary educational and career goals. A key to the success of the program is involving community members and businesses to offer students learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom. If you or your place of employment would be interested in receiving additional information regarding any of the programs, please complete and return the survey below.

    • Career Shadow Mentor- A student is placed in a business or organization to shadow an employee for one day
    • Career Internship Mentor - A students spends a minimum of five unpaid hours per week at a job site to learn about a particular industry or occupation
    • Cooperative Work Experience Mentor - A student receives one credit for a weekly minimum of ten paid hours of on-the-job training up to a maximum off our credits per year

    To receive more information on how your business can get involved contact