Bears Virtual Learning Day

  • If our buildings and transportation are closed because of the weather, our text and email messages, as well as our website and social media announcements, will communicate that we will be activating a Bears Virtual Learning Day. In very rare instances of significant impact events, when the community’s priorities are redirected to safety and welfare, we will not make use of Bears Virtual Learning Days and instead use designated make-up days identified in our board-approved calendar. We will be clear as to which option we are implementing.


    • A Bears Virtual Learning Day is in lieu of the traditional school closing. As such, there will be no need to make the day up as school is in session in a virtual format.
    • Students K-12 enrolled in in-person learning and Etown Cyber (Real Time) will operate on a 2-hour delay schedule.
    • Bears Virtual Learning Days do not impact students enrolled in Etown Cyber (Independent) as they are on an independent time schedule.
    • Full-time Lancaster County Career and Technology Center (LCCTC) students would be off from school while our morning and afternoon LCCTC students would attend their virtual classes with EASD but not their LCCTC classes.
    • Communication regarding virtual activities for the day will come from either your child’s building principal and/or teacher as soon as possible but no later than the morning of the weather event.
    • Students will have asynchronous work (at your own schedule) educational experiences.
    • All professional and instructional-based support staff will be available to support students through their school-issued email and Schoology accounts during the typical school hours.
    • The District will track attendance based on student work completion. Per PDE guidelines, students have up to five school days to complete their assignments and still be marked present and to receive credit on the assignments.
    • Students will be marked with an unexcused absence if they do not complete the work or if the student is not reported off for illness. Students who are ill will need to make up the work upon their return to school.
    • If your child is ill, please follow our regular absenteeism reporting procedure.
    • Households without access to technology (device and/or internet) should contact their child’s teacher/ principal for assistance and may be given a reasonable extension to complete the assigned work.

    If you have any questions about Bears Virtual Learning Days, please contact your child’s building principal.

    The District is excited to take advantage of this flexibility. As we all know, sometimes the weather is unpredictable, which may make an early decision not possible. When circumstances permit, we will make every effort to make the school closing and Bears Virtual Learning Day decisions and announcements before a weather event as we understand the impact on families and staff.