Social Work Trauma Facilitator

  • The Social Work Trauma Facilitator is a district employe who serves as the intermediary between school, home and the community.  He/She will work as an advocate for students and their families and serve as a resource person for principals, school counselors, school psychologists, teachers and staff concerning student needs in and out of school.  Services that are provided range from providing resources and connections to community resources such as; food, clothing, insurance and resources for outside and school based counseling, BHRS services, Family Based services and other mental health resources.   

    The Social Work Trauma Facilitator meets with students in need to provide support and fostering of Social Emotional Skills through small groups, classroom lessons and individually as needed.  He/She is also responsible for developing and enhancing the districts understanding of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma and how students are affected emotionally and educationaliy by childhood trauma.  He/She develops staff trainings on Trauma and helps to consult with principals, teachers, and families regarding Childhood Trauma.  

    The Social Work Trauma Facilitator works with students from Kindergarten through 6th grade and can be reached at 717-367-0210 ex. 40016