Life Ready Model

  • The District’s LIFE READY MODEL is the foundation for our academic programming. Our LIFE READY MODEL provides our students - kindergarten through twelfth grade - with a comprehensive curriculum and continuum of personalized learning experiences based on their unique interests, skills, and future ambitions.

    Our LIFE READY MODEL is focused entirely on our students. We desire to prepare them to have the knowledge, skills, social and emotional resiliency, and civic awareness necessary to be in a position to successfully pursue at least one of the following paths after graduating from our high school:

    • Obtain a career that pays a livable wage.
    • Attend a postsecondary institution to further their education.
    • Seek an opportunity in our nation’s armed forces.

    As part of our LIFE READY MODEL, we aim to unleash our students' ability to think critically, collaborate, and communicate effectively in this ever-changing world. The LIFE READY MODEL is not a curriculum. It is a mindset and cutting-edge approach to education that aligns our academic offerings with personalized and career-specific learning opportunities. To ensure our graduates can cope with the demands of the workforce and the postsecondary learning experience, we also prioritize and support our students' social and emotional needs. The LIFE READY MODEL is predicated on providing students with instruction, learning opportunities, and experiences to support their future goals. The LIFE READY MODEL includes three platforms for success: