College Credit Opportunities

  • At Elizabethtown, students can take a variety of traditional college prep classes aligned with their interests and career aspirations. Additionally, when appropriate, students can get introduced to the rigors of college coursework by choosing from a multitude of college-level offerings during their high school years including Advanced Placement level, Dual Enrollment, and College in the High School offerings.


    Advanced Placement

    Advanced Placement courses allow students to take college-level classes and examinations created by the College Board, widely recognized by America’s colleges and universities.


    Dual Enrollment

    Dual Enrollment allows our current high school students to enroll at select postsecondary institutions for both college and high school credit.


    College in the High School

    College in the High School is a partnership between Elizabethtown Area High School and several local and national postsecondary institutions whereby our teachers are certified to teach college-level courses to our students earning both high school and college credits. The following courses are offered:

    • AP Psychology (University of Pittsburgh)
    • AP Statistics (University of Pittsburgh)
    • AP Literature (Harrisburg University)
    • Multimedia Design (Harrisburg University)
    • Game Design (Harrisburg University)
    • Photography 2 (Harrisburg University)
    • Greenhouse Management (Murray State University)
    • AP Language (PA College of Health Science)