The Arts

  • Music

    Recognizing the critical role the Arts play in developing the whole child, the Elizabethtown Area School District offers a premier music education program. General music instruction begins in first grade. Students can begin taking music electives like band and orchestra in fourth grade and chorus in fifth grade. The ensemble program expands at the secondary level. Middle school offerings include a concert band, jazz band, orchestra, allegro orchestra, chorus, and show choir. At the high school level, students can choose from a concert band, jazz band, marching band, orchestra, chamber orchestra, chorus, and show choir.

    Additionally, numerous electives are offered at the high school level, including Applied Music, Music Theory, Advanced Placement Music Theory, Keyboarding, and Electronic Music. The District's music program is active with the Lancaster-Lebanon Music Educators Association (LLMEA) and the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA). Each year, our accomplished musicians take part in musical festivals hosted by LLMEA and PMEA. Our music department is also active in the local community, taking part in holiday parades and music festivals.

    Visual Arts

    The Pennsylvania Art Education Association (PAEA) recognized the Elizabethtown Area School District for its outstanding commitment to visual arts education with the endorsement Outstanding Visual Arts Community.

    Districts receiving this endorsement demonstrate the importance of their visual arts programs with:

    • Rigorous and Inclusive Programs: Arts programs demonstrate rigor using standards-based curriculum taught at every level by highly qualified and certified art educators.
    • Highly Accessible Programs: Art programs are offered to all students at every level of education with a sustainable budget for the visual arts.
    • Highly Visible Programs: Schools and districts identify their programmatic accomplishments, curriculum for all levels, art staff, mission statements, and arts events using their school websites and social media.

    The Elizabethtown Area School District offers an array of visual art courses that seek to maximize the creative potential of our students and help them become artists in their own right. Students have a selection of classes to choose from ranging from graphic design to painting to photography and many more. In addition, students are engaged in the local art scene, whether it be exhibiting work in local museums or helping with community murals.

    Performing Arts

    The District's award-winning theater program is active at both the middle school and high levels and is designed to provide rich extracurricular experiences for students who have a desire to perform in an acting capacity. Opportunities abound for students interested in performing on stage in an acting role or off stage working on set design or with the stage crew. Each year, the high school produces a fall play and spring musical with an open casting call for roles. At middle school, students take to the stage for a spring play. Opportunities exist for novice and more advanced student-thespians at both levels. Through participation in the theater program, students will gain fundamental knowledge and skills in acting, set design, costuming and theater management.