Head Coach: Dave Reinfried (david_reinfried@etownschools.org)

                       Volunteer:  Sue Smith (sue_smith@etownschools.org)



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    2022-2023 Rifle Team

    (Photo by P. Jacob)



    2022-2023 Seniors

    (Photo by P. Jacob)



    Celebrating our Seniors!





    2021-2022 Rifle Team

    Congratulations to the rifle team on completing their season with a record of 14-0!!




    Our Mission:
    Educate our students on firearm safety.
    Teach students mental and physical control.
    Teach students to work together as a team and individually.
    Promote sportsmanship.
    Provide young men and women the opportunity to compete as equals in this discipline.
    Promote life-long interest in shooting sports.
    Positively promote and represent shooting sports. 

    Rifle is a sport that requires accuracy and precision. It is not a sport of high activity or brute force. It is a sport where men and women, abled and disabled can and do compete on the same level. To be successful in this sport a shooter must be focused, patient and be in complete control of his/her mental and physical state.


    Our sport shoots with precision air rifles. Not to be confused with bb guns, these rifles are incredibly accurate. They are identicle to those used in Olympic competition. With names like Anschutz, Feinwerkbau and Walther, we have the best available equipment. Shooters will wear shooting jackets, slings, shooting gloves and eye protection. The distance we shoot is 10 meters. (33.3 feet).

    Match Overview:
    In our league, students compete in prone position (lying down). A shooter shoots ten scoring targets each worth ten points giving the shooter a total possible score of 100 points. Each team will compete against each other twice during the season. Each team may bring ten shooters to a match where the top five scores are added together to compete against their opponent’s top five scores which have also been added together. A perfect score for a team is 500 points. In the event of a tie after the top five scores from each team have been counted, the teams will break the tie by adding the sixth highest shooter’s score. If there is still a tie, the seventh highest score will be added in and so on until the tie has been broken.

    What it takes to be an All Star:

    To be an All Star, a shooter must have competed in a minimum of twelve of the fourteen season matches with an average season score in the top ten of the league. Any shooter who has competed in all fourteen season matches will have their average based upon their top twelve season scores. A shooter with a perfect season would have an average of 100.



    Individuals Overview:
    At the end of our season, we run an individual’s tournament where each school in the league brings their top 6 shooters to compete against one another. Each individual will shoot twenty scoring targets worth ten points giving the shooter a total possible score of 200 points. In the event of a tie between two or more shooters, the tie will be broken by counting the number of center shots (shots that are perfectly centered and do not touch the nine ring). If there is a tie after counting the center shots, the targets will be checked for who finished the strongest in order to break the tie.


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