Parent Letter - Hand Foot Mouth Disease

  • Parents/Guardians:

    The Elizabethtown Area School District was recently made aware that several Bainbridge Elementary School students have been diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD).  The District is sending this correspondence through its Virtual Backpack because it is particularly important for parents/guardians to know the symptoms of HFMD. Students exhibiting symptoms of HFMD should be seen by a physician.

    HFMD presents differently in each person. The typical symptoms are a fever, decreased appetite, and the overall sensation of just not feeling well.  It can progress into a rash on the hands and feet along with blisters in the mouth that can be somewhat painful.  The virus is passed through bodily secretions usually from sneezing and or coughing.

    The main line of defense is diligent hand hygiene. This includes frequent hand washing with warm soap and water as well as the use of hand sanitizer. Sneezing and coughing should be done into a tissue or elbow. Per standard operating practice for infection control, the District’s Buildings & Grounds Department plans to thoroughly clean the school with cleaning agents proven effective against HFMD.

    The health and well being of our students, their families and our staff is top priority and the District will do everything possible to protect our most valued assets. If you have any questions or concerns about this correspondence, please contact your child’s school nurse.

    Thank you,

    Amanda Baxter