Class Rank / GPA / Weighted Courses

  • General Information

    The Elizabethtown Area School District is exploring the way in which it calculates class rank and grade point average (GPA). The District wants to make sure that its high school learning options best support each learner’s needs through classes offered, credits needed to graduate, and GPA, as well as whether class rank truly promotes what is best for each learner’s path for success in his/her chosen career path, including only acknowledging valedictorian and salutation. As there exists much interrelationship between the issues of class rank, grade point average calculation, and course selection, several questions are being explored that relate to Grading/Competition vs. Learning/Student Achievement:


    • Do we consider a minimum credit requirement allowing flexibility for students to exceed that minimum based on their individual learning plans?
    • What changes must be made to the dual enrollment guidelines to better aligned with our shift in learning?
    • What will the modifications to our weighting system look like?
    • How will the changes to our weighting system and class rank affect GPA?
    • Is class rank necessary for high school purposes & for post-graduation purposes?
    • Will recognition of valedictorian and salutatorian eventually fade?
    • Should we consider the collegiate honor system to provide a more comprehensive recognition to our higher academic achievers?


    At the October 17, 2017, regularly scheduled meeting of the school board, high school and district administration presented on high school learning options. The presentation provided information on the current system of class rank and GPA, the college view of the valedictorian and salutatorian, key college admission selection criteria, and possible new approaches to be employed by EAHS.


    Next Steps?

    • November 2017 - Presentation to faculty regarding ranking and weighting with feedback being sought.
    • November/December 2017 - Presentation to parents/guardians regarding ranking and weighting with feedback being sought.
    • January 2018 - Communicate recommendation
    • January/February 2018 - Communicate final plans to all stakeholders.


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