The Elizabethtown Area School District has partnered with the Elizabethtown Area Education Foundation to launch two online platforms – ReadyRosie and BringingUp – that complement the standards being taught in the classroom. The initiatives will focus on including the entire family in the school's literacy and mathematics efforts through the sharing of online tips, strategies and resources specifically designed for in-home support.

    Ready Rosie Logo The ReadyRosie and BringingUp programs are designed to increase parent engagement by delivering short videos and tips to subscribers that focus on age-appropriate activities for children and their parents/guardians to do at home. Supporting student learning outside the walls of the school is paramount to student success. This online approach will help the district flip the classroom and put more learning opportunities in the hands of students and their parents. Here’s how it works…watch a video together daily…do the interactive activity…and both the child and adult grow and learn.

    Through its educational classroom grant program, the Elizabethtown Area Education Foundation funded the subscription purchase ($2,000) of BringingUp, a family literacy initiative for students in grades K-3. Subscriptions were purchased for both East High Street Elementary School and Bainbridge Elementary School. With the $4,000 for BringingUp, the Foundation has now awarded more than $102,000 to district educators for innovative programs.

    Bringing Up Logo

    Using federal Title I dollars, the school district has purchased a school-wide subscription to Ready Rosie for East High Street Elementary School and Bainbridge Elementary School families. Ready Rosie is designed for families with children ages 0-6. 

    Parents from both schools simply need to sign up for either ReadyRosie at www.readyrosie.com/register/ or BriningUp at www.bringingup.com/register and then they would have access to the website videos and daily emails. Registration is FREE to families and the information can be received in either an email or via a text message.

    The goal for both programs is to help students learn and grow in vocabulary, which is a strong indicator for literacy success. The activities are simple and take only about two minutes a day.  Parents can watch the video, do the activity and help their child learn something new.