English Language Development with Mrs. Fulmer


    Middle School & Bainbridge 

    6th Grade ELD Teacher 


    Mrs. Fulmer
    Visit our Schoology page to check out what we've been working on this week, their vocabulary, upcoming assignments, and their current grade.


    • Resources for Parents

      Forms and Notifications: Back to School Annual Notifications, Educational Field Trip Request Forms, Excuse cards, Volunteer Forms, Student Registration and Records Forms, Transportation Forms, and Health Forms

      School Calendars


      Lunch Application
      Select "Translate this page” as needed. Each year families must apply for free or reduced lunch. It is possible to complete the application in some languages. (Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic)


      Building and District Information


      Accessing student grades, attendance, and assignments electronically

      • Parents need an email address to access Community Portal (report cards) and Schoology (grades and assignments)
        Here is a link to create a gmail account

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      • Community Portal Select “Translate this page” as needed: 

      This is where parents receive attendance information, progress reports, report cards, and messages from the school for Bear Creek, Middle School, and High School

          • Update Parent Contact Information: On the Community Portal, parents will need to update their contact and medical information every year.  
          • Emergency contact numbers are used to notify families of school delays and closings. In addition, the district website always displays up-to-date information. In the event of a school delay, continue to monitor the school website. When bad weather causes a school delay, the district may choose to delay in order to monitor weather conditions, but sometimes chooses to close the school if bad weather persists.


      • Schoology: Access current grades and assignments for Middle School and High School


        • How to sign up for parent access: English     Spanish
        • Parent Home Page: English     Spanish
        • E-town Parent Instructions: Open in Googledoc. 'File' --> 'Make a Copy' .  Open your copy of the document.  'Tools' --> 'Translate Document' --> 'Choose a Language' .  Select your first language from the drop down menu, if available. Click 'Translate'

      Personalized Learning Initiative: Select “Translate this page” as needed

      • This is a program providing one laptop to each student in grades 4-12 for educational use during school hours and at home. Bear Creek will have this program in the 2020 - 2021 school year.
      •  Chromebook Information and Expectations   Open in Googledoc, Tools, Translate, document, then select language

      Grading Scale

      Students are graded on the following grading scale:
      A – 92% - 100%
      B – 83% - 91%
      C – 74% - 82%    
      D – 65% - 73%
      F – 64% and below

      Middle School Counseling Department:
      Scheduling and making plans for after high school 

      Mr. Bechtold (6th grade)  
      email:  greg_bechtold@etownschools.org
      (717) 361-7525 x 31723
      Mrs. Chandra (8th grade)  
      email:  diana_chandra@etownschools.org
      (717) 361-7525 x 31722
      Mrs. Updegraff (7th grade)
      email:  michele_updegraff@etownschools.org
      (717) 361-7525 x 31724
      Counseling Administrative Assistant
      Mrs. Dohner
      email:  carolyn_dohner@etownschools.org
      (717) 361-7525 x 31725