School Performance Profile

  • Developed and administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the PA School Performance Profile (SPP) is intended to provide the public with a comprehensive overview of student academic performance in every Pennsylvania public school building, including traditional public schools, charter schools, cyber charter schools and career and technology centers.
    Designed to serve three purposes, the SPP will be used for 1) federal accountability for Title I schools under the state’s approved federal No Child Left Behind waiver; 2) the new teacher and principal evaluation system that was signed into law in 2012; and 3) to provide the public with information on how public schools across Pennsylvania are academically performing.

    Under the former evaluation model, NCLB District and School Report Cards measured Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) based on academic proficiency on the PSSA as well as graduation and attendance rates. Under the SPP, these measures will also include academic growth, science and writing, promotion rate and Advanced Placement (AP) and PSAT participation. Pennsylvania was granted a waiver by the U.S. Department of Education in August 2013 to move its school evaluation method from AYP to SPP.
    For elementary schools, results of PSSA tests are used to summarize each school’s academic achievement and growth. At the middle level, PSSA and the Algebra 1 Keystone Exam scores factor into the School Performance Profile. In our high schools, Keystone Exams along with factors such as SATs, AP testing, and graduation rate make up the School Performance Profile.

    For each public school in Pennsylvania, these factors will be combined to add up to one number that describes a school’s performance—a Building Level Academic Score. These Building Level Academic Scores are reported as a total out of 100 points.  In addition, the School Performance Profile includes other demographic information about each school. Schools that score 70 percent or higher met or exceeded the achievement and growth standard.

School Name 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13
Bainbridge Elementary School 71.4 80.2 N/A* 84.5 87.1
East High Street Elementary School 73.2 70.1 N/A* 82.9 74.3
Mill Road Elementary School 61.2 78.3 N/A* 97.5 92.6
Rheems Elementary School 86.5 78.2 N/A* 86.8 84.1
Bear Creek School 79.1 88 N/A* 85.2 88.5
Elizabethtown Area Middle School 71.7 74 N/A* 81.9 87.0
Elizabethtown Area High School 91.6 87.6 87.3 78.3 74.6
  • *PDE instituted a one-year pause on the use of School Performance Profile scores for schools with only PSSA data (Schools that contain a grade 11 will still receive SPP scores based on Keystone Exams). This decision addresses some of the unintended consequences of a new, more rigorous PSSA exam, allowing educators to continue to focus on alignment to the PA Core Standards.
    The Department of Education website includes tools for parents and the public to use in both reviewing assessments and comparing schools across Pennsylvania. Click on the graphic below to access the SPP section of the PDE website.
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