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Parent Request - Dual Custody Transportation

Dual Custody Transportation

Parents that share physical custody of EASD students can request school transportation services for their school-age child from the primary residence of each parent, consistent with the general transportation protocol and only so long as each home is within EASD boundaries. If such parents wish to request dual custody transportation, they must complete a Dual Custody Transportation Request form and comply with all of the following conditions:

  • Parents may only request school bus stops at their respective primary residences. If either parent wishes to have their child dropped off or picked up at an alternate care site, an Alternate Transportation Request form must be completed, and both parents must agree to this assignment.
  • Parents must request transportation to and from their respective primary residences or an agreed-upon alternative care location for specific days of the week that correspond with the custody terms outlined in an approved custody agreement or order. The school district will not allow schedule changes that are not reflected in the custody agreement or order.
  • For elementary students, if a parent lives outside the attendance area for their child’s assigned elementary school, EASD cannot guarantee direct home-to-school or school-to-home transportation. Therefore, in some instances, the District must transport students to another school or location to transfer onto an existing bus route that regularly serves that elementary school or parent’s neighborhood.
  • Dual custody transportation must be a permanent request for the entire school year. Mid-year changes are strongly discouraged and may not be approved if changes cannot be made to existing school bus routes. If mid-year changes are sough AND extenuating circumstances do exist, parents/guardians must submit a new Dual Custody Request Form to the transportation office.

Please note, Parents/Guardians must complete a new Dual Custody Request Form each school year. Approved requests will not carry over from one school year to the next. Please visit the Forms Section of the website to complete the Dual Custody Transportation Request Form.