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Visitor Management System

Elizabethtown Area School District makes use of a computerized visitor management system know as School Gate Guardian as part of its long-term strategic safety and security initiative. We believe the implementation of this technology will benefit you, your child, and the district in many ways. We hope that you will take full advantage of the many convenient features the system has to offer. 

School Gate Guardian is a computerized security program that offers many features to protect your child from outside threats. EASD chose the School Gate Guardian Kiosk option because it provides us with a more comprehensive approach in keeping our students and staff safe. Upon arriving at your child’s school, you will be required to scan your own Photo ID. The system instantly captures the name, photo, and birth date of the visitor. When this successfully occurs, the software compares the identity of the visitor with the national sex offender registry. If a positive match occurs, district personnel will be immediately and discreetly alerted.  To prevent false positives, the system has the ability to compare a photograph of the actual registered sex offender to the visitor.

The software will help us identify approved guardians so you can be assured we are placing your children in the proper hands. Another feature this system offers is the protection of a child from a spouse with any type of custodial issue.  Be it partial custody or no custody, if you provide our district with the proper court documents and the identity of the spouse, the software will alert district personnel of an attempted, non-authorized visit.

Ultimately, the system will print you a visitor badge that we ask you to wear throughout your visit to our school.  As you leave our facility, we request you leave through the main office to return your badge so we can scan you out of the system.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and your participation.