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Social Media Accounts

All School District social media accounts shall operate as either a non-public forum, where the public may not comment on the District's posts, or as a limited public forum, where the public may comment publicly on the District's posts - subject to certain guidelines. Whether a social media account is operated as a non-public forum or limited public forum shall be determined by the account operator.

School District social media accounts that operate as a limited public forum shall include a prominent link to the following comment guidelines, posted on the School District's website:

  • Are profane, vulgar, harmful to minors or obscene, in accordance with Board policy.
  • Contain threats or contain personal attacks on individuals in the school community.
  • Promote, suggest or encourage illegal activity or incite violence.
  • Promote or endorse commercial products, services or businesses, as well as solicitations of any kind.
  • Contain confidential information.
  • Contain false or libelous statements.
  • Contain hate speech directed at a protected class of individuals, in accordance with Board policy on discrimination and harassment.
  • Are spamming in nature (same comment posted repeatedly).
  • Infringe on copyrights or trademarks.
  • Are off-topic from the original posting.

The Board authorizes designated district staff maintaining district-owned social media accounts to remove individual posts or comments by public users that violate the established social media rules listed above. The Board directs that review and consideration of posts or comments shall not discriminate on the basis of content or viewpoint. Posts and comments may not be removed solely because they are critical of the district or district leadership, because they promote an unpopular opinion, or because of their viewpoint if the post or comment otherwise complies with the established social media rules Repeated violations of our comment guidelines may cause the author to be blocked from the official EASD social media pages.

Social media posts made by a public school district are typically considered public records and are subject to the same regulations and requirements as other forms of official communication.