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The Elizabethtown Area School District prioritizes proactive communication to foster strong community relationships among staff, parents, and community members. We take pride in bridging the gap between our schools and the community. To achieve this, we employ a systematic approach to school communications with the following objectives:

  • Promoting student achievement and staff productivity.
  • Raising public awareness about both the successes and challenges of the school district to foster a better-informed public understanding and support.
  • Encouraging parental involvement at home and in the school in their children's education through targeted outreach initiatives.
  • Educating the public about educational goals, opportunities, programs, and philosophies.
  • Increasing interest in the school system among both non-parents and parents.

We firmly believe that timely, insightful information empowers students, parents, and staff to enhance student learning. To achieve our goals, we utilize various communication channels, including but not limited to a comprehensive website, social media posts, press releases, school newsletters, publications, targeted mailings, focus groups, surveys, ThoughtExchange, and school board presentations.

These resources offer valuable insights into the Elizabethtown Area School District's programs, services, and the accomplishments of our students and staff.

For inquiries regarding communication matters, such as the district's website, local media coverage, district publications, and general information about the district, please contact Troy Portser, Director of School and Community Information, at (717) 367-1521, ext. 10024 or via email at