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Use of School Facilities

Request for Use of School Facilities & Grounds

Thank you for your interest in facility or ground use within the Elizabethtown Area School District (EASD).

EASD facilities and grounds are designed and constructed to support the educational and extracurricular programs of the school district. When not being used by EASD for instructional purposes, extra-curricular activities, musical/theatrical performances, and/or school district athletic events, select EASD facilities and grounds are available for limited use by outside organizations and individuals in accordance with the following guidelines, fee structures, terms and conditions, and school board policy #707.


  • EASD is responsible for reserving ALL of its facilities and grounds including but not limited to our auditoriums, cafeterias, classroom spaces, parking lots, sports fields, athletic courts, fitness centers, fairgrounds, etc.
  • Outside organizations wishing to use an EASD school facility or ground must submit the official Use of School Facilities and Grounds Application (See below) to EASD’s Facilities Scheduling Department. School district programs and activities have priority.
  • Requests to use school facilities and/or grounds should include ALL applicable needs of the requester (i.e. custodian services, doors open/locked, audio/visual needs, etc.) and be signed by an authorized representative of the organization. While the District will do everything possible to support your event/program, the District may not be able to accommodate special requests for support made the day of the event.
  • Requests for use of school facilities and/or grounds from outside organizations should be submitted at least 14 days in advance of the event or program. Requests submitted less than 14 days in advance MAY NOT be considered for approval.
  • EASD’s Facilities Scheduling Department is solely responsible for approving or denying Use of School Facilities and Grounds Application (See below) requests. The Facilities Scheduling Department will review the request and contact the organization representative with approval/denial as well as any questions about information provided.
  • If TENTATIVE APPROVAL is granted by EASD’s Facilities Scheduling Department, the requesting party must sign all applicable contracts and meet all terms of use (i.e. proof of insurances, facility deposit if required) in order for the event to be officially approved.
  • Approved events may be canceled or postponed for reasons including but not limited to rescheduled athletic contests, playoff appearances by our athletic teams, school events, an emergency at one of our facilities or within the community, inclement weather, field conditions, and power/water outage.  When possible, attempts will be made to avoid postponement or cancellation of approved events.
  • Failure to comply with terms of use or payment requirements could prevent future use of EASD school facilities and grounds.

These guidelines are applicable to the following school district facilities and grounds:

  • White Family Dental Stadium*
  • Thompson Field*
  • Jane Hoover Field
  • Shaw Family Tennis Courts
  • Daubert Gymnasium
  • EAHS Auxiliary Gymnasium
  • EAHS Wrestling Room
  • EAMS Gymnasium
  • EAMS Auxiliary Gymnasium
  • EAMS Wrestling Room
  • Bear Creek School Gymnasium
  • Bear Creek School Auxiliary Gymnasium
  • Bainbridge Elementary School Gymnasium
  • East High Street Elementary Gymnasium
  • Varsity and Junior Varsity Baseball Fields
  • Multi-purpose Fields on ANY School District Property
  • Elizabethtown Fairgrounds

* Availability highly restricted

Schools and Facilities (Whole facility or rooms/locations within the facility)

  • Elizabethtown Area High School
  • Elizabethtown Area Middle School
  • Bear Creek School
  • Bainbridge Elementary School
  • East High Street Elementary School

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for use of locations NOT OPERATED by the Elizabethtown Area School District (i.e. Elizabethtown Borough Fields, Mount Joy Township Fields, and West Donegal Township Fields, etc.) should be reserved through the Greater Elizabethtown Area Recreation and Community Services (GEARS).

Elizabethtown Area School District
Facilities Scheduling Department
600 East High Street
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
(717) 367-1521, ext. 10000

Please visit the District Forms section of the website and select Request for Use of School Facilities and Grounds under the General Forms listing.