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Local Stone Carver Collaborates with Elizabethtown Area School District's Sculpture Class

Mr. Ned Thilo, a local skilled stone carver, recently engaged with students from the Elizabethtown Area High School's Sculpture 1 and 2 classes. During his presentation, Mr. Thilo showcased his portfolio of work to the students, demonstrating various stone carving techniques and providing insights into the instruments he employs in his craft.

As part of the engaging session, Mr. Thilo highlighted the intricate artistry of stone carving, offering firsthand demonstrations of the techniques he has honed over the years. The presentation served as a valuable supplement to the classroom curriculum, enriching students' understanding of sculptural artistry and providing them with practical knowledge they can apply to their projects.

In Sculpture 1 and 2, students explored various forms of relief sculpture, including high, low, and intaglio relief. As part of their assignment, students were tasked with modifying the overall form of their stone while choosing one of the relief sculpture forms. The curriculum included an in-depth study of historical and contemporary stone carvings, highlighting the enduring appeal of stone as a medium in sculpture.

Additionally, students delved into the meticulous process of creating sculptures, from crafting maquettes to selecting stones, marking them up, and progressing through the stages of sanding and polishing, all while mastering the proper use of tools.

Mr. Thilo connected with the art classes while on the high school campus as a stone mason currently constructing the District's athletic field house project. While on site, Mr. Thilo observed the students utilizing scraps of soapstone for their stone carving endeavors outside the field house. Recognizing their interest and dedication to the craft, he generously offered to arrange a special session to visit their class and share his expertise.

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