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East High Street Elementary School Holds Year-End "Sharpen the Saw" Day

On Monday, June 3, East High Street Elementary School wrapped up the academic year with a delightful "Sharpen the Saw" day, organized to promote well-being and foster lasting connections among students.

The event, inspired by Habit 7 from the Leader in Me program, featured a variety of engaging activities, including backyard picnic games, races, face painting, creative building, storytime, mural making, and more.

One of the day's highlights was witnessing the joy and enthusiasm on the faces of students as they participated in the activities, creating cherished memories and strengthening friendships.

A special thank you goes to the many parent volunteers for hosting the activity stations, contributing to the event's success, and enhancing the school community's spirit of collaboration and support.

The Sharpen the Saw program emphasized the importance of spending quality time with loved ones and caring for one's physical well-being. By promoting these values, the program aims to empower students to develop healthy relationships, make responsible decisions, and prepare for success in their future endeavors.

The Leader in Me program, integrated into the fabric of East High Street Elementary School, serves as a cornerstone for nurturing leadership skills and fostering a sense of responsibility and community among students.

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Sharpen the Saw Day Candid