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Volunteer Guidelines


  • Individuals must meet the same requirements as employees relative to background clearances and certifications in order to volunteer in the District.
  • Volunteers will maintain their active status with the District as long as their clearances are valid (5 years).
  • Volunteers will not be asked to assume the professional responsibilities of the school staff.  
  • Volunteers may provide assistance that is supportive, when under the direction of school staff. 
  • Volunteers will not be permitted to directly administer student discipline nor will they be permitted to administer first aid, except in the case of an emergency or if the volunteer service is directly related to medical support services. 
  • Volunteers are expected to abide by all District policies including, but not limited to:
    • Drug and Substance Abuse (Policy 351) 
    • Harassment (Policy 348) 
    • Tobacco Use (Policy 323) 
    • Child Abuse (Policy 806) 
    • Volunteers (Policy 916) 
  • Each building administrator or designee who uses volunteers in any capacity will be responsible for training volunteers to perform the specific duties associated with their assignments. 
  • The appropriate administrator or designee will assume general authority and responsibility over all volunteers serving at that site, on District property, or during any District event.
  • A volunteer is not an employee or independent contractor of the District. No volunteer will receive wages or other consideration for the performance of volunteer services.
  • The volunteer position is not a right, but rather a privilege.  The District reserves the right to terminate volunteer service at any time for any reason. 


  • Generally, volunteers may not transport students in personal vehicle. Only in rare circumstances, when authorized in advance by the appropriate administrator will this be permitted. In such cases, the volunteer is not covered by insurance provided by the school district. Insurance coverage in this situation is through the volunteer’s own insurance carrier. 
  • Generally, volunteers will not be permitted to drive District vehicles except when authorized in advance by the appropriate administrator.
  • Volunteer Sports Coaches/Activity Advisors are permitted to drive District vehicles when necessary. 


Volunteers will maintain the confidentiality of any and all information learned about students in the course of performing volunteer services. Volunteers will adhere to all the requirements of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Volunteers are expected to follow these guidelines:

  • Treat all student information as personal and confidential regardless of source
  • Communicate relevant information about students to the respective classroom teacher or building principal
  • Seek clarification of unusual situations that occur in the school from the person(s) involved and avoid discussing such matters with non-school personnel
  • Retain a sense of perspective regarding comments heard and actions observed
  • Understand that not all information can and will be shared with volunteers, due to legal considerations
  • Deal impartially with students regardless of background, intelligence, physical or emotional maturity
  • Do not discuss student progress or behavior with the parent. Direct inquiries about students to professional staff
  • Speak constructively of all school staff; however, report difficulties involving the welfare of students or school to the principal
  • Do not discuss confidential information with anyone.  This information includes, but is not limited to: scholastic and health records, test scores and grades, discipline and classroom behavior, character traits of children

 Basic Volunteer Procedures 

  • Sign in/out on the Volunteer Sign In Sheet of the building each time you volunteer
  • ALWAYS wear an EASD volunteer badge while performing volunteer duties
  • Follow all safety and security protocols while in the building
  • Be reliable; call if you cannot be at school 
  • Keep in mind that you are here to support teachers, not replace them. 
  • Remember - if you don’t know - ASK! We’ll be glad to help! 

 Tips for Volunteering with Students

  • A student’s name is VERY important.  Make every effort to remember the names of the students you work with
  • Be sure the students know your name - establish in the beginning how they are to address you (please check with the classroom teacher as to what is normally done in the school) 
  • Demonstrate your interest in the students by asking them about their activities and LISTENING! 
  • Help build students’ self-confidence by pointing out the improvement you see in their work, manner, etc. Even when helping to correct a student’s work or manner, try to start the conversation by discussing the positives! 
  • Discuss student behavior and/or progress ONLY with the teacher
  • Make sure you always leave the students on a positive and friendly note 
  • Keep in mind that students will model the behaviors they see adults displaying - whether that adult is a staff person or a volunteer
  • Common sense and cool heads are always the best in any situation