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Visitor or Volunteer

The success of the Elizabethtown Area School District depends in large part upon the willing involvement of parents and community members. An individual’s involvement in District activities is categorized in Board Policy as Visitor, Volunteer, Unpaid Assistant, and Volunteer Sport Coach/Activity Advisor and Co-Op Supervisor. Below are brief definitions of each. Please see Board Policy 916, Volunteers, Visitors, Unpaid Assistants and Co-Op Supervisors for complete definitions.   A Visitor or Unpaid Assistant is an individual whose actions do not rise to the level of a volunteer and may include a parent, close relative or guardian who visits a school for a public or private event involving a student who is the individual’s child, close relative or for whom the individual is guardian. The definition of visitor also includes other individuals who are under the supervision of a school employee.   Visitors are not required to obtain clearances and are not considered mandated reporters under Child Abuse regulations.   Examples of visitors include:

  • Sports event attendees
  • Theater production audience members ushers
  • Event speakers
  • Career-day presenters
  • Unpaid classroom assistants working in the presence of District staff
  • Unpaid assistants handling clerical tasks such as copying and filing

 A Volunteer is an adult (18 years of age or older) individual serving in an unpaid position who has direct volunteer contact with children. Volunteer contact is defined as routine interaction with one or more children and care, supervision, guidance or control of one or more children. Volunteers are required to obtain clearances and are considered mandated reporters under Child Abuse regulations.    A Volunteer Sports Coach/Activity Advisor regularly assists a paid coach or advisor in a sport or other extra-curricular activity.  Volunteer coaches or advisors work directly with students on activities and techniques.  A volunteer sport coach or advisor may be asked to assume responsibilities of a paid coach or advisor in an emergency situation.   Volunteer Sports Coach/Activity Advisors are required to obtain clearances and are considered mandated reporters under Child Abuse regulations.   Additional examples of volunteers include:

  • S.E.R.V.E.S. Volunteers (This is a program for Retired District residents who can earn tax rebates in exchange for volunteer service)
  • Regularly scheduled or periodic classroom assistants
  • Playground, Library, Cafeteria assistants
  • One-day event chaperone
  • Overnight event chaperone
  • Academic Support
  • Music Booster

 A Co-Op Supervisor is an individual whom the school and an employer identify as a student’s supervisor for an internship, externship, work-study, co-op or similar program. Co-Op Supervisors are required to obtain the same clearances as volunteers.