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It's not uncommon for questions or rumors to circulate within any community, including about school districts. These questions and rumors can range from harmless gossip to more serious misinformation that can have real consequences, including causing confusion and anxiety. As such, we encourage you to use our official communication channels, such as our website and social media accounts, to seek out information when you have a question or hear a rumor about our school district. You can also use our Who to Call page to help get your questions answered.

In addition, we have added InFocus to our website as a new communication strategy to share accurate information on a topic of current public interest or address misinformation or debunk prevalent rumors circulating within our school community. InFocus aims to promote clarity, transparency, and accuracy within our school community by leveraging the benefits of sharing accurate and timely information, mitigating the negative impacts of rumors, and curbing the spread of misinformation, intentional or unintentional.

InFocus aims to promote clarity, transparency, and accuracy within our school community by leveraging the benefits of sharing accurate and timely information, mitigating the negative impacts of rumors, and curbing the spread of misinformation, intentional or unintentional.

The District will publish information on common questions we receive and address high-level misinformation it learns about on the InFocus webpage. Should you have a question or hear a rumor that is not answered below, please let us know by completing the InFocus form at the bottom of the page. While we will consider responding to all questions and concerns shared, the purpose of InFocus is to address high-level misinformation about the District. In some instances, questions or concerns shared may be better addressed personally with the provider of the information and not through InFocus.

Please note, as part of our InFocus communication initiative, the District will not comment on issues regarding individual personnel or individual student issues.

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Topics of Community Interest

What is a Fund Balance?

A fund balance is a financial reserve that plays a vital role in maintaining a school district’s fiscal health. It acts as a safety net, providing a cushion to cover unexpected expenses, emergencies, or fluctuations in cash flow. Fund balances serve various purposes, such as funding capital projects, making debt service payments, covering one-time expenditures, addressing budget shortfalls, and strategically preparing for anticipated significant cost escalations over the coming years, such as increases in medical insurance and retirement expenses.

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How will the recent bond resolution passed by the school board benefit our students and community in both the short and long term?

At the April 30, 2024, regularly scheduled action meeting, the school directors approved a bond resolution aimed at securing funds for future building projects within our district. The proposal to pursue borrowing through the issuance of bonds at this time stems from a strategic recommendation put forth by our financial planners.


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Did the District “cut” over a million dollars from its 2024-2025 budget?

In response to recent inquiries about comments made at the March 26, 2024, school board meeting, it is essential to clarify that the school board has not yet approved the 2024-2025 budget for our school district. The budget process remains in the developmental phase, characterized by a multilayered approach and ongoing adjustments to projections for expenditures and revenues as additional details and analyses become available.

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What steps has Elizabethtown Area School District taken to enhance its safety and security measures, particularly regarding communication with emergency responders?

Through collaboration with Lancaster County Wide Communication (LCWC911), the Elizabethtown Area School District has obtained both authorization and equipment enabling direct communication with Lancaster County 911, local law enforcement, and other essential entities through their radio system.

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How does the District address head lice in schools?

Annually, our schools encounter instances of head lice among students. We aim to inform you about our initiatives to manage head lice at the elementary level and want to assure you that we are implementing all essential measures to reduce exposure during your child's stay with us.

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Did Elizabethtown Area High School rank near the bottom of Lancaster County high schools in US News and World Report's 2023 Top Ranked High Schools listing?

Indeed, our high school was positioned towards the lower end of US News and World Report’s Lancaster County rankings. However, it's crucial to take into account the context regarding the elements that make up these rankings. While we encourage a rigorous and challenging curriculum program, the District's Life Ready Model offers a more comprehensive understanding of our curricular priorities, including a continuum of personalized learning experiences based on our students' unique interests, skills, and future goals.

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How is the District’s Facility Dog program paid for?

Thanks to the generous donations of the community and a dedicated federal grant, to date, Elizabethtown Area School District’s facility dog program has been entirely funded privately. This includes covering all purchase costs; yearly veterinarian visits; canine treats that serve as incentives for our dogs; monthly flea, tick, and heartworm prevention; dog food for our canine friends; and other incidental costs associated with the program. As such, while the District owns and operates the specially-trained facility dogs, as of yet, ZERO TAX DOLLARS have gone to fund this program.

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With the implementation of the revised school board policy 109, when will secondary students be able to sign out books from the school library?

Students at the secondary school complex can sign books out beginning September 12, 2023.  The library is temporarily unavailable for book circulation. Each year, the library is typically closed to students for book circulation the first week or two of the school year. This allows the librarian to attend to student orientations and annual managerial tasks, including inventory, shelving new books to the collection, maintaining the collection, repairing damaged books, etc.

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I heard all students are eligible to receive one complimentary breakfast. Who pays for this program?

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania included the Universal Free Breakfast Program for all public school students in its recently passed 2023-2024 budget. As such, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania pays for the program costs, not local school districts.

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