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Do Not Photograph List

The Elizabethtown Area School District uses several communication methods in its efforts to build public awareness about our programs and services, success and challenges, and student achievements. Examples include an annual report, press releases to local newspapers and television outlets, external journals and publications, video documentaries, brochures, social media, and District/Teacher websites. Many of the approaches target residents of the greater-Elizabethtown area, our surrounding communities, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the United States of America and beyond.

Photographs and/or video footage of students taking part in school events often accompany these communication initiatives. These photos may appear on the EASD website, a teacher website, social media outlets for both the District and/or an individual teacher (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), in a District-issued publication, on a digital display board inside or outside a school building, or included with a press release sent to a news outlet. In addition, the District may permit outside entities like local news outlets, colleges and universities, District partner organizations, or other content producers to photograph or video record District happenings, including students, for their use in any number of formats including but not limited to news broadcasts, journals, marketing campaigns, films, etc. Students may be identified by name to provide them with recognition opportunities when appropriate.

Parent(s)/guardian(s) do have the right to prohibit the photographing or filming of their child for use in any of the aforementioned school publicity methods including by outside entities. As such, the District develops a Do Not Photograph list to help ensure that it complies with parent/guardian wishes. To have your child placed on the Do Not Photograph list, please complete and submit the online Do Not Photograph List registration form. Students placed on the Do Not Photograph list by a parent/guardian remain on the list year-to-year unless a parent/guardian of the child notifies the District otherwise. If your child is not placed on the Do Not Photograph list, it will be implied that you give consent for your child to be photographed for internal and external school publicity by school district representatives and external content producers.

The Do Not Photograph list does not apply to students when they are participating in a PIAA sport. A requirement of participation in a PIAA sport is granting permission for news outlets to photograph and film all sporting events and its participants for use in their respective media source. For EASD student-athletes, the District will honor a parent(s)/guardian(s) request to have their child placed on the Do Not Photograph for all other purposes of school publicity except when participating in a PIAA sport.

Students on the Do Not Photograph list may still be photographed or filmed by classroom teachers for internal classroom bulletin boards, presentations, the school yearbook, etc. The Do Not Photograph list only stops the District from using pictures or video footage as part of external school publicity. Parent(s)/guardian(s) must notify classroom teachers directly to prohibit them from photographing or filming their child for use in classroom displays and yearbooks.

Please visit the FORMS SECTION of the website to access the Do Not Photograph registration form. The online registration form can be found under the General Forms listing.