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The Schoology Learning management system allows teachers to provide online content for students that can be accessed 24/7 moving the classroom beyond traditional school walls. Class discussions, questions, notes, links to articles, assignments, quizzes and tests, and grades can all be delivered via this platform. Combined with our 1:1/Personalized Learning initiative, Schoology makes learning accessible both at home and at school.  


As a Learning Management System, Schoology delivers and manages instructional content. Simply put, it is a vehicle for continuing the classroom experience in an online format that simplifies the learning process. Teachers build courses and add course materials, including resources such as course notes, articles, images, and videos, which they enhance through student discussions, assignment submissions, tests, and quizzes. Schoology is a perfect addition to the K12 environment and was created by college students who realized the need for a system that would enhance learning in the formal educational setting as well as online anywhere students choose to work.

Schoology (pronounced School-ogy) is a learning management system for educators and students designed as a home for all course materials in one place, much like a class notebook. 

  • Parents of students in grades 4-12 are encouraged to create an account in Schoology to view their student's daily classwork and grades.

How to Access: Parents create their account with a personal email address and password of their choosing and a 12 digit parent access code assigned to their student by the Schoology system. Parents manage their own accounts.


Schoology can sync with the EASD Student Information System, allowing the teachers' Sapphire Gradebook to keep courses and rosters updated, automatically providing up-to-date information to students and parents. 

Schoology adds many benefits to instruction:

  • An easy to learn interface
  • One central repository for course materials
  • Peer-to-peer and teacher-to-student collaboration and communication in a secure environment
  • Easily differentiated instruction
  • Accessibility 24/7 from any internet connected device--Mobile app and web browser enabled
  • Course material and grade notifications for students and teachers
  • Schoology support for troubleshooting issues or feature request submissions
  • Integration with third-party systems to enhance the Schoology instructional experience

Schoology offers parents access to view grades and other instructional information. Click here for detailed information.  

The chart below shows the features available in both the Sapphire Community Portal and the Schoology Learning Management System. Please note that parents will need an account to access both systems. Each online system offers valuable student information and is equally beneficial for students and parents/guardians to visit.

Sapphire Community Portal Features & Benefits Schoology Learning Management System Features & Benefits
- Student Information / Demographics - Course Instructions / Academics
- Current Schedule - Assignments / Homework
- Attendance - Tests / Quizzes
- Report Cards (Current / Historical) - Student Grades / Comments
- Progress Reports (Current / Historical) - Due Dates / Calendar Events
- Transcript - Teacher Assignment Comments
- Annual Health Screening Letter - Teacher Assignment Rubrics
- Demographic Update Form - Parent / Teacher Messaging
- Medical Forms - Teacher Announcements / Communication
- Building Announcements - Schoology Mobile Application
  - Custom User Notifications