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Post-Secondary Readiness

For students interested in post-secondary education after graduation, the District wants to boost their chance of post-secondary success by strongly supporting the college-preparation process during their high school experience. Providing our graduates with the foundational skills, knowledge, behaviors, mindset, and coping mechanisms to be successful at an institute of higher learning are all critical pieces of our comprehensive methodology for post-secondary readiness.

While our approach recognizes that students are more than standardized test scores and academic transcripts, the demands of a post-secondary education require an educational program that is personalized and designed to develop the skills and habits necessary for success beyond high school. Pairing a well-rounded, rigorous, and challenging curriculum with real-life learning experiences in the humanities and S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics) arenas are essential to preparing our students to be successful at a post-secondary institution.

For questions about the Post-Secondary Ready Platform, contact Dr. Nate Frank, Curriculum and Federal Programs Coordinator, by email at or by phone at (717) 367-1521.

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