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Career Ready

National statistics indicate around 55% of high school graduates either have no plans to attend a post-secondary institution or are uncertain that they will ever attend (Edge Research, May 2022). As such, it is imperative that we provide students who choose not to pursue a post-secondary degree upon graduation with a clear path forward for success with the skills necessary to succeed in the local, regional, and global workforce.

The District's Career Ready Platform emphasizes helping students acquire the still relevant high school diploma, career and technical skills, and specialized certifications to open doors to future educational and career choice decisions. This process begins in elementary school and continues until the time of graduation.

For students choosing to enter the workforce, we want our graduates to have a competitive edge by pairing traditional coursework with personal competencies and interests. Being "employable" requires critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, strong communication skills, leadership, vision, accountability, responsibility, and academic proficiencies. Employability also entails skill-building through proper course work, an awareness of personal competencies and interests, career exploration, on-the-job experiences, and technical training.

For questions about the Career Ready Platform, contact Dr. Nate Frank, Curriculum and Federal Programs Coordinator, by email at or by phone at (717) 367-1521.

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