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Etown Cyber

At Etown Cyber, our goal is to offer a robust educational program for students K-12 that want to pursue their education in a non-traditional format. The program's flexibility is designed to meet the individualized needs of our students. Unlike outside cyber charter schools, where students may be in a class with teachers and classmates from across the Commonwealth, students enrolled in Etown Cyber remain enrolled in their local school district.


  • Access to a customized education through a vast collection of online courses through multiple vendors.
  • Combine online and in-person classes to best meet the needs of the student.
  • Receive a hometown diploma from the Elizabethtown Area School District, with the opportunity to participate in the annual Commencement program.
  • Enhance the school experience through the opportunity to participate in the District's sports, clubs, band, chorus, and orchestra programs.
  • Participate in the District's career readiness programs to obtain industry-recognized certifications.
  • Access to Elizabethtown Area School District libraries and resources.
  • Supplement online learning with courses and programs through the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center.

At Etown Cyber, our goal is to offer a robust educational program for students K-12 that want to pursue their education in a non-traditional format.

How does Etown Cyber INDEPENDENT LEARNING option work?

  • Asynchronous classes that students complete on their schedule.
  • No live-stream instruction via our Schoology platform and Zoom.
  • Curriculum offered by IU13 with EASD teachers as facilitators to help with questions and grading.
  • Technology provided by the IU13.
  • Students will have access to EASD school counselors for academic planning, mental health support, and post-secondary planning.
  • Students can participate in the District's wide variety of clubs, activities, music, and athletic programs.

What can students and parents expect?

  • Students will check email morning and afternoon and respond to School District communication within 24 hours.
  • Students will check their grades for missing work weekly with their parents if needed.
  • If a student submits late work, the student will notify the teacher.
  • Students will not use the aid of any apps, electronic devices, etc to cheat or plagiarize on assignments or assessments.
  • Students will contact the Etown Cyber Independent Coordinator, Garry Norris, with any questions or problems while enrolled in the course.
  • Students will participate in Keystone and/or PSSA exams as scheduled.
  • Parental assistance may be needed with all of these tasks for elementary-aged students.
  • View more information on Etown Cyber in the Etown Cyber Independent Handbook.

Why Elizabethtown Cyber?

Because the Elizabethtown Area School District consistently outperforms outside cyber charter schools in academic performance. Don't believe us? Check out the performance data by clicking on the link below.

EASD vs. Outside Cyber Charter

How to Enroll in Etown Cyber?

Contact your child's school administrator if you would like to learn more about the Etown Cyber program and/or enroll..