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English Language Development (ELD): ELD is a required component of all language instruction educational programs (LIEPs). ELD takes place daily throughout the day for ELs and is delivered by both ESL teachers and non-ESL teachers. ELD must be incorporated into all classes taught by non-ESL licensed teachers in which ELs are enrolled. These teachers are responsible for deliberately planning and incorporating language instruction as well as supports, modifications, and accommodations needed to allow ELs to access the standards to which the course is aligned. Tools for planning instruction for ELs are provided below.

PA ELD Standards

Link to resource: PA_ELD_Standards_July2017.pdf

English Language Development Standards comply with federal requirements for standards-based instructional and assessment planning for ELs.  Standards focus on social and instructional language, including productive and receptive language skills.

Documenting Accommodations by Proficiency Level

Link to resource: Documenting Accommodations by Proficiency Level

Elizabethtown Area School teachers are required to give examples of how they provided accommodations for each EL based on proficiency level (via Google forms) to align with the BEC. Below are accommodations required based on language proficiency level to assist you in your lesson planning, instruction, and differentiation. 

Reclassification of English Learners

Link to resource: Reclassification of English Learners

An EL must demonstrate the ability to access challenging academic content and interact with other students and teachers both academically and socially in an English language setting in order to be considered for reclassification.

Can Do Descriptors

Link to resource:

Descriptors of the four language domains—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—and five levels of English language proficiency by grade level bands. This is a valuable tool to help teachers differentiate as they develop lesson plans.                                                                                                                                                

Ideas for Assessing English Learners  

Link to resource: Ideas_for_Assessing_English_Language_Learners_Aug2023.pdf

Open document for specific examples in multiple content areas


More to Explore

Content Area Glossaries

Link to resource:

In multiple languages: math, social studies, English, and science

Understanding Your Students' Proficiency Levels

Link to resource: Finding-Your-Students-Superpowers-Flyer_Aug2023.pdf

Basic Education Circular "Educating English Learners" July 2017

Link to resource:

Colorin Colorado: Teaching English Language Learners

Link to resource:

Brief: Creating Inclusive STEM Learning Environments

Link to resource: Creating_Inclusive_PreK12_STEM_Learning_Environments_Aug2023.pdf

PA ELD Portal

Link to resource:

Free Literacy Resources: An Ultimate Guide!  (with special thanks to Valentina for this one!)

Link to resource:

Pics 4 Learning

Link to resource:

Visual Dictionary Online

Link to resource: