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One-to-One Personalized Learning Initiative (Chromebook Center)

The Elizabethtown Area School District has implemented a 1:1/Personalized Learning laptop initiative, a program providing one laptop to each student in grades 1 through 12 for educational use during school hours and at home.

Purpose - Answering the question Why?

In 1:1/Personalized Learning initiatives, the aim is to transform the way students learn, empowering students and teachers through technology access to the best tools available for learning and creativity. Using 1:1/Personalized Learning computing, students will be engaged and take a more active role in instruction and learning. Accessibility of 1:1/Personalized Learning computing in the classroom places focus on instructional practices rather than the tool itself. We're continually moving to redesign learning to meet the ongoing needs our workplaces demand in the 21st century, fostering students who have the mindset to be:

  • lifelong learners
  • global citizens
  • resilient and creative individuals
  • purposeful and passionate contributors
  • divergent and innovative thinkers
  • students who demonstrate academic mastery

The 1:1/Personalized Learning program enables students to easily transition projects and research between home and school. Students enjoy 24/7 access to the technology resources that they use in school. They can easily exchange ideas and remain connected with classmates and teachers. The result is a learning environment in which problem-solving, critical thinking and leadership skills are developed and enhanced through the responsible use of technology and continuous access to digital resources.

An EASD student is first and foremost a learner.  In order to learn and grow, our students use knowledge, skills, values, and tools to solve problems, overcome challenges and obstacles, and create original works. Using the "4 C's" of 21st Century Learning, our students will maximize learning experiences by having access to high quality instruction, opportunities for enrichment and/or remediation, fair and equitable assessments, and technology tools that enhance productivity, provide guided practice, and prepare students for education and careers beyond the Elizabethtown Area School District.

Every EASD student will experience instruction in each of the "4 C's" in all subject areas. These four skills are essential for every learner, regardless of his or her aspirations for the future.  The "4 C's" are defined as:

  • Communication - sharing thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions
  • Creativity - trying new approaches to get things done through innovation and invention
  • Collaboration - working together to reach a goal; students putting talent, expertise and smarts to work collectively
  • Critical Thinking - looking at problems in a new way; linking learning across subjects and disciplines

Goals for EASD Students

  • To increase students’ productivity in and outside the classroom when completing assignments, projects, and other activities as assigned by teachers.
  • To capitalize on the convergence of academic resources such as online documents, scholarly sources, content-rich media, applicable apps, and best practices.
  • To facilitate mobile learning across the school campus and beyond.
  • To promote leadership in one’s own learning by establishing access to educational resources and providing a host of tools to craft information in ways that support specific curricular areas.  

EASD students will also learn to protect their own privacy and the privacy of others. They are taught to understand that they are creating their own digital footprint - what they share online can have an impact on themselves and others. EASD students will learn:

  • Skills of responsible use
  • To monitor social media
  • Appropriate online behavior
  • Tools to ensure / promote safety online
  • To care for equipment
  • To self-reflect before posting
  • Positive digital presence

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