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District Profile

District Mission Statement

Every Student Graduates Ready to Live, Learn, and Thrive in a Global Community.


  • Bainbridge Elementary School - Serves grades K-2
  • East High Street Elementary School - Serves grades K-2
  • Bear Creek School - Serves grades 3-5
  • Elizabethtown Area Middle School - Serves grades 6-8
  • Elizabethtown Area High School - Serves grades 9-12
  • Etown Cyber - Serves grades K-12


  • Total Students: 3,637 Students
  • Percent Receiving Special Education Services: 16% 
  • Percent Economically Disadvantaged: 39%
  • Percent of Minority Students: 17% 
  • Percent Designated Homeless: 1%
  • Percent English Language Development: 3%

*figures from the 2023 Annual Impact Report

Faculty and Staff*

  • 265 Professional Staff Members
  • 164 Support Staff Members
  • 21 Administrators
  • 95% of administrators have at least a graduate degree
  • 95% of administrators  have been in education at least ten years
  • 71% of faculty have at least ten years of teaching experience
  • 25% of faculty hired in the last five years had previous teaching experience

*figures from the 2023 Annual Impact Report

Board of School Directors

A nine-member elected school board, all of whose members live within the school district boundaries, governs the Elizabethtown Area School District. The school board is locally elected and serves as the legislative body for the community. The Board convenes school board meetings two times a month (typically the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.), except for July (no meeting). Community members are welcome to attend the meetings in-person or virtually and are encouraged to provide citizen comments.


  • Actual Expenditure: $73,673,979
  • Average Annual Spending Per Student: $16,986

*figures from the 2023 Annual Impact Report


  • 95% graduation rate
  • 59% of graduates continued their education at a 4-year, 2-year, or other post-secondary institution
  • 98% of students K-12 successfully transitioned to the next grade level
  • Daily attendance ranges between 93% and 95% depending on grade band
  • Average SAT scores for EAHS students exceed state and national averages

*figures from the 2023 Annual Impact Report