• Regular school attendance is critical to a quality education.  All children are urged to attend every day, unless prevented by illness.  EASD attendance practices support the academic success of your child.  Please read over the following guidelines, and contact your building principal with questions.  EASD attendance information is written in accordance with Pennsylvania Compulsory Attendance Laws, and addresses the following:

    • Rising number of attendance concerns
    • Clarification of district attendance policies
    • Consistency throughout the five elementary schools
    • Consistency from the elementary to the secondary level

    Please note that if attendance of a Kindergarten student is an issue of concern, and the matter cannot be resolved, EASD has the authority to withdraw the student from enrollment.  Prior to this occurring, the school will complete a Truancy Elimination Plan, and work with a family to identify contributing factors.  Families of Kindergarten students are encouraged to contact the school for assistance if needed.  EASD is committed to helping students succeed at all levels.

    Attendance Tracking
    Attendance is tracked thoroughly by the district Home and School Visitor, Jennifer Fields.  This position is part of the district Support Services.  The Home and School Visitor focuses on eliminating barriers to the academic success of each EASD student.

    Ms. Fields is located in the high school counseling office, and can be reached at (717) 367-1533, x21107.  You are encouraged to call at anytime to discuss attendance related issues.
    Tardy Guidelines
    Arriving to school on time every day is also essential to student success.  Students arriving to school after 10:30 a.m., or leaving before 2:00 p.m., will be considered illegally absent for ½ day, unless medically excused by a doctor.  Illegal/unexcused half-day and tardy minutes will be calculated and contribute to the illegal absences of a student.  When the total reaches the equivalent of 6 hours of educational time, this will result in one illegal day of absence.  Illegal/Unexcused absences can result in truancy violations that may include involuntary withdrawal from the Elizabethtown Area School District.

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