• UPDATE 8/31 at 7:18pm

    The Parachute Lab will be due on Tuesday, September 5th.

    • Dr. Re made this decision during Period 3 based upon observations of studens still collecting data and collaborating on ideas of how best to organize their data, etc.

    • Students have been working very hard on this first assignment and seemed to be enjoying the activity.  I have been very impressed by their prior knowledge of identifying Independent and Dependent Variables of a scientific investigation and their effort towards collaborating on this activity.

    Collaborating, Communicating, Creating, Critically Thinking Teamwork Working Hard

    Please click on the link below to read through this first Laboratory Exercise for Dr. Re's 8th Grade Science class.  Students have been provided with a hard copy of this assignment on Wednesday, September 29th during class time. 

    This experiment was adapted from a similar activity that is a part of the National Science Olympiad competition and aligns with several of the Pennsylvania Science Standards related to "The Nature of Science".  Dr. Re runs the Elizabethtown Area Middle School Science Olympiad Team and actively seeks students from a wide range of interests/abilities to participate in this fun competition.  Dr. Re will be sharing more information about Science Olympiad with students and parents within the next couple of weeks.


    Lab Exercise 1