Behavior System

  • Behavior Management System


    Four Zones:

    This year, I will help guide your child’s behavior by using the Zones of Regulation method. This behavior management system focuses on giving students the opportunity to express how they feel. There are four zones to this method: Green= happy, calm, focused, ready to learn Yellow= frustrated, worried, silly, loss of some control, Blue= sad, sick, tired and Red= mad/angry, mean, yelling/hitting, terrified. I will teach and guide students to think about their actions using this behavior system. If I feel a student is exemplifying one of these zones, I will ask them to move their name magnet to the zone. Once I feel they have exhibited behavior to move back to the “green zone” I will ask them to move themselves. I want students to understand how they feel and with my guidance, regulate their emotions according to the four zones.

    Stop and Think Cards:

    If a student is not following our classroom rules and/or the schools Code of Conduct, they will receive a Stop and Think card. This card is to let students know that what they are doing is not acceptable and they should think about their actions. If a students is given three Stop and Think cards, together we will fill out a think sheet and move their name magnet to a zone. Think sheets allow students to identify their actions and to express how they feel. I will work alongside of them to fill it out. Once the think sheet is completed, I will ask the student to take it home. Please review this with your child and talk to them about their behavior. There is a parent signature line at the bottom of the page. Please SIGN and RETURN this so I know you have a conversation with your child and you are aware of their actions.

     Punch Cards:

    I strive to praise students for their hard work in school. Each student will be given a yellow punch card. There are 20 spots on the card to be punched. A student will receive a punch for completing homework, showing good manners, following classroom guidelines, and the Code of Conduct. Once a student has filled up there punch card they will receive a reward. Students will have the option to pick a prize. I will send a note home explaining when your child received their reward. After a punch card is filled, I will give a new one.