Important Dates

  • Updated 10/1/2017

    Unit I Exam, Part II is scheduled for Monday, October 2nd

    CTC Field Trip on Tuesday, October 3rd

    Begin Unit II on Wednesday, October 4th

    Study Island Assignment #1 posted on Thursday, October 5th. Students will have time on Thursday to begin this assignment (early dismissal day).  This data is used to help students review key concepts in Science (grades 5-8) that help us to prepare students for this course as well as for the Spring PSSA Science Test.

    Udated 9/27/2017

    Unit I Exam moved to Friday and Monday (9/29 and 10/2)

    Updated 9/24/2017

    UNIT 1 EXAM: Thursday and Friday (9/28 and 9/29)
    The UNIT 1 Exam will be given on Thursday and Friday of this week. For this first exam, students will be given Part 1 on Thursday (MC/Matching) and Part II on Friday (Open Ended/Analysis). Most exams will typically given on just one day.

    Students will spend Wednesday reviewing in class for the test and were given a Unit 1 Review guide in class on Monday

    Updated 9/9/2017

    This week students will be introduced to the SI (International System aka METRIC) through notes, conversions, and through the use of labarotory equipment that will be used throughout the school year. This includes: triple beam balances; digital balances; graduated cylinders; beakers; flasks; metric rulers; meter sticks.

    There will be a quiz on this content on Friday, September 15th.

    UPDATED 9/1/2017

    Lab Investigation #2:  Tuesday and Wednesday

    • Students will be continuing their introduction to 8th grade science and the 4C's in this lab activity on Tuesday and Wedensday. The lab is entitled "Write It Do It" and focuses heavily on Communication and Collaboration skills.

    Measurement and Metric Conversions

    • Students will be conducting scientific measurements and completing metric conversions in class on Thursday and Friday (expect some HW). We will follow up with a lab investigation on the same content during the following week.  There will be a quiz on this topic during the week of Sepember 11th.




    • Textbooks must be covered by Wednesday, September 6th.

    • Brown paper bags from the gorcery store make great covers (I can help show students how to do this or you can look at the link below for guidance)

    • Paper Bag Bookcover Video


    • Textbooks are a supplemental resource for this course. Students may leave their covered textbooks at home, in their lockers, or on a shelf in the classroom (Their name must be written on binder edge for easy identification). Students are responsible for their books (damages/loss/etc).   Students will be notified in advance IF they will need their textbooks on a given day.



    • I believe strongly in my role as a teacher is to facilitate learning through many different methods. Science is best learned through the PROCESS of doing science and as such, students will be conducting numerous lab experiments/experiences throughout the school year.  SAFETY is of utmost concernt and students & parents will be signing off on a LAB SAFETY CONTRACT prior to our first "real" science lab that involves chemicals or other potentially concerning equipment (certain glassware, bunson burners, etc.)