• Preston and Ashley


    Where were you born?  I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on March 13, 1977. 

    Do you have any siblings?  I have one sister.  Her name is Amber.  She is 5 years younger than I am.  

    Do you have any children?  I have been blessed with the most AMAZING son named Preston.  He was born on October 4, 2011.  He keeps me very busy!  He enjoys Halloween, building Lego, being outside and art activities.  He is a 5th Grader this year!

    How many times have you been to Disney World?  This past June I made my 108th trip to Walt Disney World.  YES!!!!  I know that is a lot, however, I have been going to Disney with my family since I was very young.  My parents have a house about 6 miles from Animal Kingdom.  My favorite ride is Splash Mountain! I love eating at Le Cellier in the Canadian pavilion at EPCOT.  My favorite Disney movie is Lion King!  If you ever have any questions about Disney World don't be afraid to ask me! 

    Where did you go to college?  I graduated from Kutztown University in 1999.  I began teaching in Reading, Pennsylvania at Lauer's Park Elementary School.  I have been teaching 2nd grade now for 23 years.

    When did you know you wanted to become a teacher?  I knew I wanted to become a teacher when I was very young.  I used to teach my stuffed animals and my little sister using my old workbooks.  Mrs. Devine is the teacher who inspired me to become a teacher.  She taught 2nd grade.  Her classroom was filled with books.  She took the time to get to know her students.  Now, Mrs. Devine and I get together from time to time for lunch and talk about teaching 2nd grade.  If I was not a teacher I would want to be a cast member at Walt Disney World!


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