Degrees and Certifications:

4th Grade Orchestra


    4th graders must earn their WHITE belt in Orchestra Karate before they are ready to play in the 4th grade orchestra. Check out the INSTRUMENT KARATE page for more information about this. 4th Grade Orchestra rehearsals will begin on Wednesday, January 22nd (cycle day 5). 


    4th Grade Orchestra Rehearsals take place during BEAR time (12:10-12:40pm) on cycle days 2 & 5. All orchestra students are expected to bring their instrument and binder to rehearsals. Students should contact Mr. McLaughlin if they are missing any of their orchestra music. 


    Spring Orchestra Concert (featuring all Bear Creek Orchestra Students!!)

    • Thursday, April 23, 2020

    **all students participating in the Spring Orchestra Concert are expected to attend the after-school orchestra rehearsal on Thursday, April 16th.



    Twinkling Through the Ages


    Old Mac Fiddle

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