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    Design - Build - Test 

    Our goal is to compete to the best of our ability and to help others compete to the best of their ability.

    The Etown Engineering Club will be starting on Tuesday, September 20. The first meeting will cover what we do in the Etown Engineering Club. The meeting will be in the middle school wood lab and go from 2:50 until 4:00 on Tuesday. You will need to find your own ride home. You can see Mr. Bupp-Petersheim if you have any questions.

    This club is open to all EASD 6th-12th grade students who are interested in designing, building, and testing things. Students select what they want to do from the list of competitions on this page. They can also find their own competition. They form teams and prepare for the competitions during club time and on their own time. You can contact Mr. BP if you have any questions about the Etown Engineering Club. We will be meeting every Tuesday after school from 2:50 - 4:00 p.m.

    Etown Engineering Club Results from the past years.
    How these competitions can help you: TED Talks - Ashton Cofer
    If you want to help out our club, checks can be made out to "EASD" with "Etown Engineering Club" written in the memo line. Here is the sponsorship letter that explains our needs for this year.
      AlphaPilot - Teams design, build and race a drone that uses AI and is capable of flying without any human intervention or navigational pre-programming.
      Drones in Schools - ​Drones in School is a unique educational program that develops skills in engineering, project management, entrepreneurship, graphic design, and marketing while flying micro-drones.
      Generation Beyond Aviation: Flight School is in Session by Lockheed Martin for high school students.
      CADD Design:
      Autodesk Design Academy - (Design for Industry) Use your Fusion 360 skills and tackle real-world challenges
      K12 Design Challenge - Use Autodesk software to design a futuristic drone, aircraft, or spacecraft. Virtual event.
      GrabCAD Challenges - Show off your design skills and win prizes!
      Thingiverse Challenges - Various challenges for the 3D printer
      eCYBERMISSION - Grades 6-9, solve a community problem using the scientific method or the engineering design process
      EngineerGirl Contests - Their web page lists several competitions that you might be interested in joining.
      ExploraVision - Grades 7-12, 2-4 students design a future technology including an abstract, description, bibliography and 5 web pages
      F1 in Schools - Ages 9-19 teams of 3-6 students use CAD and CAM to design and race a futuristic F1 car or Jaguar, or Land Rover 4x4 challenge
      Future Engineers - Grades K-12 in teams of 4 students. They have 6+ different challenges enter with a description and video of your project.
      Future Goals Virtual Science Fair - NHL and NHLPA - Grades 4 - 8. Take the game of hockey to the next level by showcasing your STEM skills and you could take home an NHL STEM-At-Home Prize Pack!


    Generation Beyond - Grades 6-8, 1-2 minute video of how you would design a habitation module to carry the 1st crew to Mars
      Generation Nano - Middle and high school students create a written entry and a comic or 90 minute video illustrating your science-powered superhero in action.
      Google Science Fair - Ages 13-18 create a solution to a problem.


    Imagine Cup - 16 years old+, 1-3 students use Azure to create an innovative and original software application
      Innovators of Tomorrow STEM Contest - Students conceptualize and sketch an innovation that can be used to solve a problem.
      International Science and Engineering Fair
      Invent It Challenge - Ages 5 - 21 create solution to an environmental problem
      Inventor Portal - Design the world's coolest toy. If you pass the first round, you get $2,500. If it passes the final round and goes into production, you get and additional $7,500!
      IU13 STEM Consortium STUDENT COMPETITION - Grades 7-9, team of 3-5 students submit a video documenting your design and prototyping process and a rationale for your solution to a given problem.
      KidWind Challenge - Grades 4-12 - teams compete in the ultimate wind turbine design competition
      Lexus Eco Challenge - Grades 6-12 tackle environmental issues in their communities, create and submit their action plans and results, and compete nationally.
      PA Media Design Competition - Grades 6 - 12 - Compete in one or more of the following categories: 3D Design, Animation, Digital Movie, Logo and Graphic Design, Programming, or Web Page Design.
      Project Paradigm - Students aged 4 - 18 use kindness, creativity, and collaboration to help solve real-life problems.
      REACH Challenge - Adaptive and assistive technology. Students help a client to overcome a challenge.
      REcharge Labs - Renewable energy design competition. Each online challenge is hosted monthly. Form a team, design a wind or solar device and upload your data.
      Rube Goldberg Competition - To win, all you need is a great imagination and a pile of junk!
      Samsung Solve for Tomorrow - Students in grades 6-12 to show how STEM can be applied to help improve their local community.
      Solar Car Challenge - High school teams build roadworthy solar powered cars. Either race at Texas Speedway or drive cross-country.
      Thomas Edison Pitch Contest - Grades 4-12 digitally submit your invention, innovation and entrepreneurship.
      Universal Open Rocket League - Ages 13+, teams of 2 compete for $
      What's So Cool About Manufacturing - Create a video about a local manufacturer
      Young Scientist Lab - Grades 5-8, identify a solution to an everyday problem and create a 1-2 minute video
      Robotics: Learn with Sparkfun Robotics 101 and Adventures in Science!
      First  Inspires - First LEGO League (4-8), First Tech Challenge (7-12) and First Robotics Challenge (8-12) There is an open team you can join at www.team2539.com
      The Governor's STEM Competition - The Governor's STEM Competition challenges student teams from PA (9-12) to research, design, and present a device or project that can make the quality of life better for Pennsylvanians by accomplishing a series of practical tasks that can fulfill real-world needs.
      Nanoline Contest - Sponsored by Phoenix Contact students under 18 yrs old build an automated project
      Rage in the Cage Robotic Tournament
      Robot Events - Botball, Drones in School, and RAD Aerial Drone Competition. Fast-paced games for middle school and high school students. Students will learn to safely operate a robot or drone, work as a team, and research workforce applications of aerial robotic technology; all while having a blast!
      Sea, Air and Land Challenge - Run by Penn State where teams of high school students make unmanned vehicles to complete a mission
      South Central PA Robotics Competition - Held in November at Penn State Harrisburg design a robot to do 5 different challenges. Use parallax.com for basic programming. Add Parallax IDE to Chrome from the Chrome web store to program sensors.
      Sumo Robot League - Design and build a robot of your own! Virtual version for LEGO.
      Vex Robotics Competition - Grades 7-12, build innovative robots to compete in a variety of matches
      Wonder League Robotics Competition - Teams from ages 9-11 and 12-14 use the Dash and Cue robots to solve real-world problems.
      xplore New Automation Award - Phoenix Contact's international competition to build an automated project. Held in Germany every 3 years. Next one in 2021.
      Battle of the Rockets - The Battle of the Rockets Competition consists of three events with a range of complexity to test all skill levels. The Target Altitude Event focuses on the rocket design skills. The Rover Event adds the complexity of designing an autonomous robot that must survive launch, deployment and landing and perform an operation autonomously. The Sounding Rocket event is a medium complexity event.
      The American Rocketry Challenge - Grades 6-12, 3-10 students design a rocket that carries 2 eggs to an altitude of 835 feet and back within 41-44 seconds. You can use the online Rocket Simulator, Motor / Altitute ChartsRocket Equations or download OpenRocket to run simulations.
      National Space Society - Several space competitions
      Steam Space - Work with experts to design cities in space
    Online software to plan your project with a timeline and task list
    • Trello - plan your project with a timeline and task list
    • Popplet - capture and organize your ideas
    CAD Software that is Free!