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                                                                                          Playing Test Schedules
    In each marking period, we will have several playing tests.  So students will have ample time to prepare, this page has been added to provide information regarding playing tests.  All playing test material is to be memorized.  All information regarding scales including scale sheets and transpositions to concert pitch can be found here.  
    Wind players will do the scales and the percussionists will do scales and rudiments.  Students should be shooting for a note value of eighth notes with the quarter note=120 beats/minute when playing scale tests.  Please don't go faster than that.  There is no need to rush the scales.  Rudiments should start slowly, speed up, and then slow down again.

    Marking Period 1
    Week 1 - Star-Spangled Banner 
    Week 3 - Chromatic Scale/Single Stroke Roll
    Week 5 - Concert F Major Scale/Double Stroke Open Roll
    Marking Period 2
    Week 2 - Concert B-flat Major Scale/Multiple Bounce (Buzz) Roll
    Week 3 - Concert E-flat Major Scale/Flam
    Week 5 - Concert A-flat Major Scale/Drag 
    Marking Period 3
    Week 2 - Concert D-flat Major Scale/Five Stroke Roll
    Week 3 - Concert C Major Scale/Nine Stroke Roll
    Week 5 - Concert G-flat Major Scale/Single Ratamacue
    Marking Period 4
    Week 2 - Concert G Major Scale/Seven Stroke Roll
    Week 4 - Concert D Major Scale/Single Paradiddle
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