EASD Budget Facts

  • At Elizabethtown, the school directors and administration have made fiscal responsibility and accountability its highest priority, while at the same time maintaining a budget process that is instructionally driven. The statistics and charts below illustrate



    Facts Abount the EASD Budget

    • The District budget is funded by local, state, and federal sources with 70% of all revenue coming from local taxpayers.
      • Commonwealth average for local revenue sources: 57.6%
    • The Commonwealth provides roughly 29% of District revenue with 1% coming from the federal government.
      • Commonwealth average for state revenue sources: 36.3%.
    • The District’s average property tax increase for the last 6 years has been 2.4%.
    • The District budget has grown by $10.5 million dollars over the past five years. During the same period, state mandated retirement contributions along with special education costs have grown by approximately $3.7 million.
    • If EASD raised taxes each year to the state index (which we DO NOT), our revenue stream increases by around $997,000. State mandated pension costs, special education costs, and CBA salary increases equal $1.9 million.