Bainbridge Elementary Renovation Project

  • Information including presentations, construction updates, and photo galleries (once construction begins) on the Bainbridge Elementary School Renovation Project.


    Renovation Overview:


    • Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin June 2017 and conclude August 2018.
    • Classrooms will be modeled after 21st century learning environments that allow for a curriculum that supports project based learning, encouraging creativity and critical thinking skills.
    • Spaces and furnishings will be flexible and adaptable.
    • Technology will be infused into the school to enhance 21st century learning.
    • Once finished, Bainbridge Elementary School will continue be a connection point with the community and connect curriculum to life outside of the school.
    • Initial estimates place the total cost for the renovation project at between $9.9 and $11.4 million dollars.
    • During construction, Bainbridge Elementary School will be vacated.
    • Bainbridge Elementary students will be located to Rheems Elementary School for the entire 2017-2018 school year (District transportation will be provided for all students).
    • Project schedule released at October 11, 2016, school board meeting. See Presentations Section.
    • Renovation work began in June 2017. Check out the progress in the PHOTO GALLERIES section.