Withdrawing A Student

  • Parents/guardians of students moving from Elizabethtown Area School District should inform either their building secretary (elementary), counseling office (middle school or high school) or the Student Records/Registration Office (717-361-4893). 

    Parent/guardian should complete an Student Withdrawal Form and provide the following information: 

    • Student Name
    • Grade Level
    • Residence Address Within the District
    • New Address
    • New School District
    • Reason for Withdrawal
    • Effective Date of Withdrawal

    The form must be signed by the parent/guardian.  Please complete one form for each student.

    Academic records for a student will be forwarded to the new school when a request for records is received from the new school to which the student is being transferred.  A request for records may be faxed to 717-361-1842.