•     As part of our Physical Fitness Testing all 3rd graders will be participating in the mile run in the fall and spring.  We are lucky at East High that we can walk to the High School track to do our run.  Below are the dates that students will be doing the run this spring.  If there is a medical reason why a child can not participate please let me know.  Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to PE on that date.  Also, please have your child wear sneakers with laces and comfortable clothes for running.   Happy running!!!

    Mile Run Dates For 3rd Grade 

    Tuesday, October 22nd

     Mr. Stewart and Mrs. Buswell

    Friday, October 18th

    Mrs. Kline and Mrs. Vizzachero 

    Monday, October 21st

     Mrs. Shank

    Please remember to wear sneakers with laces and bring a water bottle!