• Enrichment Activities

    These activities can be completed during class time when you are finished with the main projects. They are meant to be self-guided which means you can choose the activity and complete it with the instructions on this site. Never stop learning!
    1. Measure-it game for practice measuring.
    2. Code.org - Tons of fun activities that teach you how to code. You do not have to know anything to start to code. They also host the hour of code.
    3. Classic Code Maze -  Learn to code as you create an Angry Bird maze game at code.org.
    4. Code Combat - This site teaches you how to code as you play a game. If you are interesting in game design or computer programming, this is a fun way to learn to code. 
    5. Computer Science Education Week - Lots of interesting ways to learn how to code to create games, animations and to control robots and drones.
    6. RoboBlockly - a web-based robot simulation environment for learning coding and math. Based on Google Blockly, it uses a simple puzzle-piece interface to program virtual Linkbot and Lego Mindstorms NXT/EV3  for beginners to learn robotics, computing, science, technology, engineering, and math (C-STEM). Blocks can be executed in debug mode step-by-step.
    7. Fantastic Contraption is a game where you build different contraptions to get a pink wheel into the goal. Click on Play the Original at the top right of the screen.
    8. Software Programming and Coding Glossary for Kids - Programming definitions and resources to learn programming. Thanks to Joslyn from Lyndhurst for the link.
    9. Global Problem Solvers - A series about working as a team to solve global problems.
    10. Wide Open School - Various projects in many different subjects that you can do at home.
    11. Teach Engineering - Engineering design challenges that you can do at home.
    12. Pacific Science Center - Featured activities that you can do at home.