• Music Class Discipline Plan
    Music xylo  

    Just like your child’s regular classroom, the music classroom has a discipline plan in place.  The music discipline plan is based on 3 areas:

    the code of conduct/bullying prevention,
    logical consequences,
    and rewards.

                In music class students are asked to think of these questions:  Am I being kind? Am I being Safe? Am I being my best self?  Am I following the code of conduct?  Students are expected to follow the code of conduct and bullying prevention plan at all times, but in the case that a student does not choose to follow those, a logical consequence will be given.  Consequences that have been used in the past include, but are not limited to, verbal warnings, change of seat, loss of instrument privileges, removal from activities, think sheets and phone call home.

     Students may be invited to go to a "rest area" where the students can go to "rest" their voice or body if it is being disruptive.  This is not a "time out" area, but instead a safe place for students to regain control of themselves.  If a student is invited to go to the rest area, he or she may choose to go in order to have time and space to regain control, or choose to stay with the class, but change their behavior immediately.  Once a student is in the rest area, they are invited to come back to the class when they feel they are ready to follow directions and be respectful.  The one time I require students to sit out in the rest area is if they are a safety concern.  A student who continues to struggle following the class discipline expectations, will have an individual behavior plan created with the help of the classroom teacher and parent.

                All of my “rewards” are tied into activities that reinforce current or past music concepts.  At the end of nearly every music class, I plan on playing a game or having some other special activity.  Classes that have discipline problems will not get to participate in the game or special activity simply due to the lack of time.  Conversely, classes with exceptional classroom behavior will have extra time to participate in those special activities.

                Each week I pick a "Star Student," someone who follows the code of conduct, is safe, kind and being their "best self."