• There are many ways that you can help out with your child's class, if you care to do so.  We love volunteers!
    Volunteering  at School
    If you would like to volunteer in the classroom on a weekly or biweekly basis, please let me (Mrs. Maiorino) know.  Help is always needed to do copying, cutting, and other tasks like that.  If you wish to volunteer but prefer to spend time with students, volunteers are most helpful during Reading Workshop from 10:30-11:30am and during Math 1:30-2:45pm.
    At various times throughout the year, we will do some activities that require volunteers.  I will be in touch when I need volunteers.
    Please remember that to volunteer in the school, one must have their background checks and clearances.  You can find all of the information at this link:  https://www.etownschools.org/domain/73
    East High has a wonderful PTO, and they are always looking for more families to participate.   You can find all information about our PTO here
    Helping at Home
    I know that many of you are working parents and are unable to come into school to help out.   If you'd like to help out with things at home like cutting out lamination, putting together book orders, and tasks like that, please let me know.  I'd gladly accept your help. 
    Our classroom accepts donations at any time.  We can always use the following things:
    • soft tissues
    • sandwich and gallon baggies
    • plastic silverware
    • plastic cups
    • disinfectant wipes
    • baby wipes
    • Astrobright paper
    • white card stock paper
    • brightly colored card stock paper
    • fun-sized candy for Dojo prizes
    • small toys and trinkets for the prize box (Dollar bins are the best for this)
    • stickers
    • fun pencils
    • nice smelling hand soap
    • Gift cards to grocery stores, Target, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, etc. for classroom projects and supplies

    I have also set up an Amazon wishlist for our class.  These are items that we use regularly or would love to add to our classroom.  You may access our wishlist here.