• Our class uses Class Dojo, a behavior management tool,  to keep track of behavior achievements in the classroom.  Each child has his or her own Class Dojo account. 
    Students are working to earn points by exhibiting strong and appropriate student behaviors.  Students can earn points for working hard, being kind, helping others, staying on task, participating in class, working as a team, and being named Super Student in their special classes.  The boys and girls are able to redeem their points for special prizes and privileges in the classroom. 
    Likewise, students who are not exhibiting appropriate student behaviors will lose points for making poor choices.  Points are subtracted from their total for reason such as disruptive behavior, disrespecting others, not following directions, missing homework, being unprepared or irresponsible with materials, problems at specials, lunch, or recess, and being off-task. 
    One of the very best parts of Class Dojo is the parent link.  Each child brought home a sheet on the first day of school with registration information on it.  Parents are able to see their child's Dojo account whenever they want.  You can do this using the free app from the iTunes Store or on your computer.  You can see your child's point totals and how he/she earned or lost points throughout the day.  Additionally, Class Dojo will email you a weekly behavior report for your child. 
    Your child can also sign onto the student portion of Class Dojo to play around with his/her avatar and participate in some fun activities.  
    I have been using Class Dojo for four years, and I love it!  I love that we can communicate about your child's behavior and that you can see his/her strengths and weaknesses.  It's a great way for us to see trends in behavior. 
    Please be in touch if you have any questions about Class Dojo.